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Al Hazm Castle is a historic fortress located in the Al Rustaq region of Oman, approximately 140 km northwest of the capital city, Muscat. It was built during the early 18th century under the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Ya'arubi and is known for its impressive architecture and well-preserved state.

The castle consists of two main sections, an inner fortress and an outer perimeter, and is surrounded by a moat. The outer perimeter is fortified by high walls and towers, while the inner fortress houses a number of buildings and a central courtyard.

The castle's architecture is notable for its intricate stonework, with carved wooden doors, windows, and balconies. The interior of the castle features a number of rooms and halls, including a mosque, reception hall, and prison cells.

Al Hazm Castle has been restored and opened to the public as a historical site and museum, providing visitors with a glimpse into Oman's rich cultural heritage and history. It is also a popular destination for tourists interested in exploring the country's many fortresses and castles.