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Angel Falls, also known as Salto Ángel, is a waterfall located in the Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. It is the highest waterfall in the world, with a height of 979 meters (3,212 feet). The falls are named after Jimmy Angel, an American aviator who was the first to fly over the falls in 1933.

The falls are fed by the Rio Kerepacupai Meru and are surrounded by dense jungle and a rich ecosystem of plants and animals. The area is accessible by air and river, and many tours offer the opportunity to visit the falls and explore the surrounding national park.

Angel Falls is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world to admire the beauty and power of the falls. It is also an important cultural and spiritual site for the Pemon indigenous people, who have lived in the area for thousands of years and consider the falls to be sacred.