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The ArtScience Museum is a museum located in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. It is a part of the integrated resort and casino, and is operated by Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd. The museum features exhibits at the intersection of art and science, including digital art, design, architecture, technology, and contemporary art.

The building itself is an iconic structure, resembling a lotus flower. It was designed by architect Moshe Safdie and was opened in 2011. The museum has 21 gallery spaces spread over 4,000 square meters, which include permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as touring exhibitions from other museums around the world.

One of the most notable exhibits is Future World: Where Art Meets Science, which is a permanent exhibit that features interactive and immersive installations created by teamLab, a Japanese art collective. The exhibit explores themes such as nature, town, park, and space, and uses technology such as motion sensors and projectors to create a unique and dynamic experience for visitors.

Other notable exhibits include The Deep, which explores the mysteries of the ocean and its creatures through multimedia installations and artworks, and Wonderland, which explores the literary and artistic history of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

The ArtScience Museum also hosts various events, talks, and workshops throughout the year, as well as collaborations with other museums and institutions. Its mission is to inspire creativity and curiosity through the intersection of art and science, and to promote public education and engagement in these fields.