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Photo of Asik-Asik Falls
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Asik-Asik Falls is a stunning waterfall located in the Alamada municipality in the province of North Cotabato, Philippines. It is known for its unique appearance where the water flows through lush foliage cascading down the cliffside, creating a mesmerizing curtain of water. The falls have become a popular destination for nature lovers and adventurers due to its untouched beauty and serene atmosphere.

Asik-Asik Falls is situated within the Al-Alamado Protected Landscape and Seascape, and the journey to the falls involves a scenic trek through a jungle trail that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can also take a refreshing dip in the cool, clear water of the falls and enjoy a picnic amidst the natural beauty of the area.

The name "Asik-Asik" is derived from the local Maguindanaon dialect, which means "sprinkle-sprinkle", referring to the way the water cascades down the cliff in a gentle, mist-like fashion. The falls were discovered only in 2012 and have since become a popular attraction in the region.