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The Basilica di San Marco, also known as St. Mark's Basilica, is a religious building located in Venice, Italy. It was originally built as a private chapel for the Doge of Venice and was consecrated in 832. The basilica is one of the most famous examples of Byzantine architecture and is known for its ornate façade, richly decorated interior, and extensive collection of mosaics. The interior of the basilica is divided into several distinct areas, including the nave, the choir, and the sacristy. The basilica's most famous feature is the Pala d'Oro, a gold altarpiece that is considered one of the greatest works of Byzantine art. The basilica also contains the Treasury of St. Mark, which houses an extensive collection of religious relics, including the bones of St. Mark the Evangelist, who is the patron saint of Venice. The basilica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Venice and attracts thousands of visitors every year.