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Photo of Bhutan burning lake
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The Burning Lake, also known as Mebar Tsho, is a sacred site located in the Tang Valley of Bhutan. It is known for the legend associated with it, which recounts the story of Pema Lingpa, a famous Buddhist saint and treasure revealer.

According to the legend, Pema Lingpa, who was believed to have been blessed with supernatural powers, had a vision of a hidden treasure at the bottom of the lake. He went to the lake, and despite the skepticism of the people who gathered to watch, he jumped into the water with a butter lamp and emerged with a chest containing the treasure.

The Burning Lake is so named because it is said that even though the lake appears to be calm and serene, the water is always boiling deep below the surface. It is also believed that the flames of the butter lamp that Pema Lingpa carried when he jumped into the lake could still be seen burning at the bottom of the lake.

The Burning Lake is considered a sacred site for Bhutanese Buddhists, and many pilgrims visit the site each year to make offerings and seek blessings. The lake is also surrounded by beautiful scenery, and visitors can enjoy a peaceful and picturesque setting.