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The Bixby Creek Bridge is a concrete arch bridge located along the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) in Big Sur, California. The bridge was completed in 1932 and spans 260 feet across Bixby Creek. It is known for its Art Deco design and impressive views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding coastline.

Bixby Creek Bridge is a popular stop for tourists traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway and is considered one of the most photographed bridges in California. Visitors can park at the nearby turnout to take in the views and take photographs of the bridge and surrounding scenery.

The bridge was built as part of a larger effort to improve Highway 1 and connect San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was designed to withstand the rugged terrain and severe weather conditions of the Big Sur coastline. Today, the Bixby Creek Bridge is an important landmark and symbol of the history and beauty of the California coast.