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Photo of Blue Nile falls
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Blue Nile Falls, also known as Tis Abay in Amharic, is a waterfall located on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. It is situated about 30 kilometers downstream from the town of Bahir Dar and is one of Ethiopia's most popular tourist attractions.

The waterfall is around 45 meters high and its width can reach up to 400 meters during the rainy season. The water cascades down into a gorge with cliffs that rise up to 45 meters high. The area around the waterfall is covered with lush vegetation, including fig trees, coffee plantations, and other crops.

The Blue Nile Falls are also an important source of hydroelectric power for Ethiopia, with several dams located upstream. However, the construction of these dams has had a negative impact on the waterfall, with reduced water flow and damage to the surrounding environment.

Tourists can visit the falls by taking a boat ride from Bahir Dar or hiking along the river. There are also several viewpoints and hiking trails in the surrounding area that offer stunning views of the waterfall and the Blue Nile Gorge.