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Photo of Bruarfoss waterfall
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Bruarfoss waterfall is located in the southern part of Iceland and is known for its mesmerizing beauty. It is situated in the Brekkuskógur nature reserve near the town of Reykholt. The waterfall is formed by the Brúará river which flows through a narrow canyon before cascading down in a series of small falls.

What sets Bruarfoss apart from other waterfalls in Iceland is its distinctive blue color, which is created by the sunlight reflecting off the minerals in the glacial water. The surrounding landscape is also stunning, with rocky cliffs and lush green forests.

Access to Bruarfoss can be challenging as there is no marked trail and visitors need to navigate through the rugged terrain to reach the waterfall. However, the journey is well worth the effort for the breathtaking views and unique experience. The best time to visit Bruarfoss is during the summer months when the weather is mild and the waterfall is at its fullest.