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Buddha Park Laos, also known as Xieng Khuan, is a unique sculpture park located about 25 kilometers southeast of the capital city of Vientiane in Laos. The park is situated on the banks of the Mekong River and is filled with over 200 concrete statues of Buddha and other Hindu and Buddhist deities.

The park was founded in 1958 by a Lao shaman and mystic named Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat, who combined elements of Buddhism, Hinduism, and animism to create a spiritual space for people of all faiths. The statues in the park range in size from a few meters to over 40 meters tall, with some featuring intricate carvings and details.

The most iconic statue in the park is a 40-meter-tall reclining Buddha that is also used as a meditation hall. Visitors can climb inside the statue and explore its various levels, which offer stunning views of the park and the surrounding landscape.

In addition to the sculptures, the park features a number of small shops and restaurants, as well as traditional Lao performances and demonstrations. Visitors can also participate in traditional Buddhist ceremonies and practices, such as meditation and chanting.

Buddha Park Laos is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists and is particularly busy during the annual Lao New Year celebration in April.