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The Certosa di Pavia is a former Carthusian monastery located in Pavia, a city in Lombardy, northern Italy. The monastery was founded in 1396 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, the Duke of Milan, and was one of the largest and most luxurious monasteries in Europe during the 15th century.

The complex, which is set in a large park, is made up of several buildings and is an excellent example of Gothic architecture. Its most notable feature is the church, which is one of the largest and most beautiful in Italy and is noted for its elaborate decoration and intricate carvings. The church also houses a museum with a collection of art and artifacts from the monastery's history.

In addition to the church, the complex includes a library, a chapter house, and a number of monastic cells. Many of the buildings have been restored and now serve as conference rooms and cultural centers.