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Photo of Cheonjiyeon waterfall
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Cheonjiyeon waterfall is a natural attraction located in the Jeju Special Autonomous Province, South Korea. The waterfall is about 22 meters high and 12 meters wide, and is one of the main tourist spots in the Seogwipo region. The name Cheonjiyeon means "sky connected with land," and is said to come from the legend that the seven nymphs of heaven descended to the waterfall and played and bathed in the clear waters.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests and has several observation points from which visitors can enjoy the view of the waterfall and the surrounding natural beauty. There is also a wooden bridge over the waterfall that provides an excellent view of the waterfall from above. In addition to the waterfall, the area also has a number of walking trails that lead through the forest and to other natural attractions, such as the Jeongbang Waterfall and the Yeomiji Botanical Garden.

Cheonjiyeon waterfall is open to visitors year-round, with different opening hours depending on the season. Visitors can access the waterfall by public transportation or by car, and there is a small entrance fee. The area is also popular for night-time visits, when the waterfall is illuminated by colorful lights.