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Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue stands 98 feet tall (30 meters), not including its 26-foot pedestal, and has a wingspan of 92 feet. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone and was completed in 1931. The statue was designed by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and French sculptor Paul Landowski. The idea for the statue came from a group of Brazilian Catholics who wanted to build a monument to Christ as a symbol of Brazil's Christianity.

The statue is located on Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park and is accessible by a train or by hiking. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Brazil and attracts millions of tourists every year. In 2007, it was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The statue is also an important symbol of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil and is often featured in promotional materials for the city and country.