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Photo of Church of La Compania Quito
Pin Church of La Compania QuitoChurch of La Compania Quito
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The Church of La Compania de Jesus is a Jesuit church in Quito, Ecuador, considered one of the most beautiful and ornate churches in the world. The church was built between 1605 and 1765, and it took almost 160 years to complete its construction. The building is a stunning example of the Baroque style, with an intricate facade that features gold leaf and colorful Andean designs.

The interior of the church is equally ornate and boasts a multitude of gold leaf designs, gilded carvings, and colorful frescoes. The high altar, considered a masterpiece of Baroque art, is adorned with gold leaf and numerous religious figures, while the side altars are decorated with colorful paintings.

The church also has several chapels, each with their own unique designs and works of art. The Jesuit influence is seen throughout the church, with several works of art depicting key moments in the life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order.