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Churchill War Rooms is a museum located in central London that commemorates the life and legacy of Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister who led the country during World War II. The museum is housed in the underground bunkers where Churchill and his staff worked during the war, and features a variety of exhibits and artifacts related to Churchill's life and the war effort.

Visitors to the Churchill War Rooms can explore the various rooms and corridors that were used during the war, including the Cabinet War Rooms, the Map Room, the Transatlantic Telephone Room, and Churchill's private quarters. The museum also includes a number of interactive displays and exhibits that provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the war and its impact on British society.

Highlights of the museum's collection include Churchill's famous "we shall fight on the beaches" speech, his personal belongings and correspondence, and a variety of historical documents and photographs that illustrate the course of the war. Visitors can also see displays of the equipment and technology used in the war, as well as artifacts related to the daily life of the people who worked in the bunkers.

The Churchill War Rooms is a popular destination for history buffs and anyone interested in the life and times of Winston Churchill. The museum offers a variety of tours and events throughout the year, and is open to the public daily.