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Photo of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo
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Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, which means "Middle of the World City" in Spanish, is a monument and museum located in San Antonio de Pichincha, about 26 kilometers north of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It was built in the 18th century and marks the spot where the equator passes through the country.

The site features a large monument that resembles an ancient temple, built to commemorate the French Geodesic Mission that measured the equator's location in 1736. The complex includes several museums, including the Intiñan Museum, which houses interactive exhibits on indigenous cultures, Andean astronomy, and the impact of being on the equator. Visitors can also stand on the equatorial line itself and take photos with one foot in each hemisphere.

In addition to the museums, the site has a range of restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops. Visitors can also enjoy the panoramic views of the Andes Mountains and the surrounding countryside from the top of the monument. The site is easily accessible by car or bus from Quito, and it is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors.