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El Panecillo is a large hill in the middle of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. It is situated in the south-central part of the city and rises to a height of over 3,000 meters above sea level. The hill is a prominent landmark and a popular tourist attraction in Quito.

El Panecillo is notable for the statue of the Virgen de Quito (Virgin of Quito) that stands on its summit. The statue is 45 meters tall, including the pedestal, and was built in the late 1970s. The statue was designed by the Spanish artist Agustín de la Herrán Matorras and is made of aluminum. The Virgen de Quito is a representation of the Madonna and child, with the latter pointing to the earth with one hand and raising the other in a gesture of blessing.

In addition to the statue, El Panecillo offers visitors spectacular views of Quito and the surrounding landscape. From the summit, visitors can see the historic center of Quito, the mountains that surround the city, and even some of the volcanoes that are visible on clear days.

El Panecillo is easily accessible by car or on foot. There is a road that leads to the top of the hill, where there is a large parking lot and a small market selling crafts and souvenirs. Visitors can also hike up the hill from the city center, which takes about 30-40 minutes and offers great views along the way. The hike can be challenging due to the altitude, so it's important to take it slow and stay hydrated.