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Etihad Stadium, officially known as the City of Manchester Stadium for UEFA competitions, is a modern football stadium located in Manchester, England. It is the home ground of Manchester City Football Club, one of the top football clubs in the English Premier League.

Key facts about Etihad Stadium:

History: Etihad Stadium was officially opened on July 25, 2002, in preparation for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, during which it hosted athletics events. After the games, it became the new home ground of Manchester City Football Club, replacing their previous home ground, Maine Road.

Architecture: The stadium's architecture is characterized by its modern design, with a bowl-shaped structure and four stands surrounding the pitch. The South Stand, also known as the Colin Bell Stand, is one of the most iconic stands at Etihad Stadium.

Naming Rights: The stadium is named Etihad Stadium due to a sponsorship deal with Etihad Airways, an airline company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Capacity: As of my last update, Etihad Stadium had a seating capacity of approximately 53,000 spectators for football matches. However, due to safety regulations or changes in seating arrangements, the capacity may be adjusted for certain events.

Hosted Events: Etihad Stadium has hosted numerous important football matches, including domestic league fixtures, FA Cup matches, UEFA Champions League matches, and other European competitions.

Accessibility: The stadium's location in Manchester makes it easily accessible by public transport, including trains and buses.

Facilities: Etihad Stadium offers modern facilities for players, staff, and spectators. It includes hospitality suites, restaurants, and fan zones to enhance the overall matchday experience.

Success and Legacy: Etihad Stadium has been a witness to Manchester City's rise to prominence in English and European football. The stadium has seen numerous domestic league titles, FA Cup victories, and other successes for the club.

Etihad Stadium stands as a symbol of Manchester City FC's ambition and growth. Its modern infrastructure, capacity, and association with one of England's top football clubs make it a cherished landmark in the world of football.