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Photo of Finnish Museum of Natural History
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The Finnish Museum of Natural History, also known as Luomus, is a scientific center for biodiversity research, collections management, and science education in Finland. It is part of the University of Helsinki, and its collections are among the largest in the world, with over 13 million specimens.

The museum's mission is to document and understand the diversity of nature, to promote the sustainable use of natural resources, and to foster public understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Its collections cover a broad range of topics, including botany, zoology, geology, and paleontology, and include both historical and contemporary specimens.

The museum also plays an important role in scientific research, with its scientists working on a range of topics related to biodiversity and conservation. It also offers a wide range of educational activities, including exhibitions, lectures, and workshops for students and the general public.

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is housed in the Botanicum building, which is located in the Kaisaniemi district of Helsinki. The building was originally constructed in the early 19th century as a botanical garden and was later converted into a museum. The museum is open to the public and welcomes visitors from around the world to explore its vast collections and learn more about the natural world.