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Fossa is a beautiful waterfall located on the island of Streymoy in the Faroe Islands. It is situated in the narrow Fossádalur valley, surrounded by green hillsides and steep cliffs. The waterfall drops 140 meters (459 feet) into the Fossá river below, making it one of the tallest waterfalls in the Faroe Islands.

The name "Fossurin í Fossá" translates to "the waterfall in Fossá". The Fossá river flows through the village of Haldarsvík and into the Atlantic Ocean. The waterfall can be reached by a short hike from Haldarsvík or by driving up the narrow and winding Fossádalur valley road.

Fossurin í Fossá is a popular destination for hiking and photography. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the waterfall and the surrounding landscape from various viewpoints along the trail. The area around the waterfall is also home to a variety of birdlife, including puffins, guillemots, and fulmars.