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Photo of Frenchman's cove Jamaica
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Frenchman's Cove is a secluded and picturesque beach located in Port Antonio, Jamaica. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect destination for travelers seeking a tropical escape. The beach is named after French pirates who were rumored to have hidden their treasures in the surrounding caves and cliffs.

Visitors to Frenchman's Cove can lounge on the soft, white sand, swim in the warm and inviting waters, or go for a snorkel or dive to explore the nearby coral reefs. There are also several restaurants and bars nearby, as well as beachside cabanas that provide shade and comfort.

In addition to its stunning beauty and clear waters, Frenchman's Cove is also known for its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. There is little to no commercial development on the beach, making it a great choice for travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some quiet time in nature.