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Gali Ali Bag is a historical complex located in the city of Tabriz in northwestern Iran. The complex consists of a series of interconnected buildings, courtyards, gardens, and pavilions built during the Qajar dynasty in the 19th century. It was commissioned by Ali Khan Vali, a wealthy merchant and philanthropist, and was designed as a place for cultural and social gatherings.

The complex features traditional Persian architecture with elements of European and Russian styles. The main building, known as the Ali Khan Vali mansion, has two floors and is decorated with intricate stucco work, mirror work, and tile work. Other notable buildings within the complex include the Sardar mansion, which was used for administrative purposes, and the Vakil Al-Molk mansion, which was used for private ceremonies and events.

The complex also includes several gardens and courtyards, including the Badgir garden, which features a windcatcher tower that provides natural ventilation to the surrounding rooms. There is also a large pond in the center of the complex, which was used for recreation and entertainment.