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Gereja Ayam, also known as the Chicken Church, is a unique and unusual tourist attraction located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The building was designed by Daniel Alamsjah, a former director of an Indonesian movie, who reportedly received divine inspiration to build the structure.

The Chicken Church is constructed in the shape of a giant rooster, complete with a head, body, wings, and tail feathers. The exterior of the building is made from concrete and is painted in a bright, vibrant color scheme, with intricate carvings and details.

Inside the church, visitors will find a prayer room, a meditation area, and a small museum. The walls of the prayer room are adorned with religious murals and colorful stained-glass windows, while the meditation area features a small pool and waterfall.

The Chicken Church has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists, who come to marvel at its unique architecture and peaceful surroundings. The site also offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and countryside, making it a great spot for photography and sightseeing.