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The Golden Bridge is a stunning architectural marvel located in the Ba Na Hills, near the city of Da Nang in Vietnam. The bridge, which was opened to the public in June 2018, is supported by two giant concrete hands and offers visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and forests.

The bridge is made of glass and steel and is over 150 meters long, and is covered in a mosaic of golden leaves, giving it its unique and eye-catching appearance. The bridge's design is inspired by the traditional architecture of the region and the surrounding nature, and it has quickly become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam.

Visitors to the Golden Bridge can take a scenic cable car ride to reach the bridge, which is located over 1,400 meters above sea level. The bridge is surrounded by lush greenery and offers panoramic views of the Da Nang area, making it a popular spot for photography and sightseeing.

In addition to the stunning views, the Golden Bridge also features a variety of cultural and historical exhibits, including a museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Ba Na Hills, a temple and a pagoda.