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Hangar-7 is an extraordinary exhibition space located at Salzburg Airport, Austria. The unique structure, which opened in 2003, was designed by the world-renowned architect, Jean Nouvel, and is used to showcase various exhibits. It is owned by the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, and serves as a multifunctional building that combines art, culture, and technology.

The Hangar-7 museum features an extensive collection of historic airplanes, helicopters, and Formula One race cars. It also hosts rotating exhibits that focus on various themes, such as design, art, and science. The exhibition space spans over 4,000 square meters and is divided into two levels.

In addition to the museum, Hangar-7 also houses a restaurant and bar, which is open to the public. The restaurant is known for its gourmet cuisine and unique atmosphere, with seating situated among the airplanes and other exhibits. Visitors can also enjoy a rooftop lounge that offers panoramic views of the airport and the surrounding area.

Overall, Hangar-7 is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in aviation, design, and culture. The museum's vast collection of airplanes and race cars, along with its unique architecture, make it a popular attraction for visitors from around the world.