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Huayna Potosi is a mountain peak located in the Cordillera Real of the Andes mountain range in Bolivia, about 25 km north of La Paz. With an elevation of 6,088 meters (19,974 feet), it is one of the most popular peaks for mountaineering in Bolivia, attracting many climbers each year.

The name "Huayna Potosi" means "young snow" in Quechua, a reference to the mountain's snowy peak. The mountain is composed of sedimentary rock, including limestone and shale, and is covered in glaciers and permanent snowfields. Due to its proximity to La Paz, it is easily accessible and can be climbed in two to three days.

The mountain is a popular destination for experienced climbers looking to ascend a high-altitude peak without technical difficulties. However, it is not a mountain to be underestimated, as the altitude and cold weather can pose significant challenges for climbers. Climbing Huayna Potosi typically requires acclimatization to the altitude and experience in using crampons, ice axes, and other mountaineering equipment.