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The Hungarian National Museum is a museum of history, archaeology, art, and science in Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 1802 by Count Ferenc Széchényi with the purpose of collecting and exhibiting objects related to Hungarian history and culture. The museum's collections include over one million objects, including archaeological finds, numismatic materials, fine and applied arts, and documents and manuscripts.

The museum's exhibits are organized chronologically and thematically, covering Hungarian history from prehistoric times to the present day. Highlights of the collection include the coronation mantle of Hungarian kings, a replica of the early Christian cemetery of Aquincum, medieval stone carvings and frescoes, and a collection of Hungarian folk art. The museum also has an extensive library and archive, which includes documents related to Hungarian history and culture.

The museum is located in a neoclassical building in the heart of Budapest, which was designed by architect Mihály Pollack in the early 19th century. The building itself is a work of art, with its impressive colonnades and elegant interiors. In addition to its permanent exhibits, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, lectures, and events throughout the year.

The Hungarian National Museum is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in Hungarian history and culture. It provides a comprehensive overview of the country's rich and complex past and offers a fascinating glimpse into its art, science, and society.