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Photo of Kala Patthar
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Kala Patthar is a mountain located in the Himalayas of Nepal, with an elevation of 5,545 meters (18,192 feet) above sea level. It is located near Mount Everest and offers stunning views of the world's highest peak.

Kala Patthar is a popular trekking destination in Nepal and is part of the Everest Base Camp trek. The trek usually starts from Lukla and follows the Dudh Kosi River valley to Namche Bazaar, the gateway to the Khumbu region. From there, trekkers continue to Everest Base Camp and then climb up to Kala Patthar for the panoramic view of Mount Everest and other surrounding peaks.

The name "Kala Patthar" means "black rock" in Nepali, which refers to the dark-colored rock that covers the mountain's summit. The climb to Kala Patthar is considered a challenging but achievable goal for trekkers, and no technical climbing skills are required. However, it is recommended that trekkers have a good level of fitness and some previous experience with high-altitude trekking.

The climb to Kala Patthar involves a steep ascent over rocky terrain and a final climb up a steep snow and ice slope to reach the summit. The climb usually takes several hours, and trekkers are advised to start early in the morning to reach the summit before sunrise and get the best views of the surrounding peaks.

From the summit of Kala Patthar, trekkers can enjoy a panoramic view of Mount Everest, as well as other peaks such as Lhotse, Nuptse, and Pumori. The view is considered one of the most stunning in the world and attracts trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world.