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Photo of Maletsunyane falls
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Maletsunyane Falls is a waterfall located in Lesotho, a country in southern Africa. It is one of the highest single drop waterfalls in the world, with a height of 192 meters (630 feet). The waterfall is situated in the Maletsunyane River, which flows through a deep and narrow gorge surrounded by lush green vegetation.

The area surrounding the falls is popular with tourists, who come to admire the breathtaking beauty of the waterfall and the lush, verdant landscape. There are several trails that allow visitors to hike and explore the area, including one that takes them to the bottom of the falls, where they can get a close-up view of the cascading water.

The Maletsunyane Falls is also considered a sacred site by the local people, who have a deep reverence for its power and beauty. They believe that the falls are guarded by ancestral spirits and that the water has healing properties.