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Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart, also known as the Mercedes-Benz Arena or simply the "Neckarstadion," is a multi-purpose stadium located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is the home stadium of VfB Stuttgart, one of the most storied football clubs in Germany.

Key facts about Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart:

History: The stadium was originally built in 1933 and underwent several renovations and expansions over the years. It has been the home ground of VfB Stuttgart since its opening.

Naming Rights: The stadium was known as Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion until 2008 when Mercedes-Benz acquired the naming rights. Since then, it has been officially known as Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart.

Capacity: As of my last update, Mercedes-Benz Arena had a seating capacity of approximately 60,449 spectators for football matches. However, the capacity can be expanded for other events, such as concerts.

Architecture: The stadium's architecture features a classic design, with four stands surrounding the pitch. The stadium underwent extensive renovations and modernization in the early 2000s to meet modern standards and enhance the spectator experience.

Hosted Events: In addition to football matches, Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart has hosted various sporting events, including athletics competitions and rugby matches. It has also been used for concerts, music festivals, and other cultural events.

VfB Stuttgart Matches: Mercedes-Benz Arena is the spiritual home of VfB Stuttgart, and it holds a special place in the hearts of the club's passionate supporters. The stadium has witnessed many memorable moments in VfB Stuttgart's history, including domestic league triumphs.

Accessibility: The stadium's location in Stuttgart makes it easily accessible by public transport and car.

Renovations: The stadium has undergone significant renovations and modernization in recent years to improve facilities, enhance fan experience, and maintain its status as a top-class venue.

Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart stands as an important venue in German football, and its historical significance, large capacity, and versatility make it a cherished landmark for VfB Stuttgart fans and a sought-after location for various events in the region.