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Monte Solaro is the highest point on the island of Capri, located in the Bay of Naples, Italy. It rises to a height of 589 meters (1,932 feet) above sea level and offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

The mountain is accessible via a chairlift or by hiking. The chairlift departs from the Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri and takes visitors to the summit in just 12 minutes. The hike, while strenuous, is also a popular way to reach the top and takes about an hour and a half.

At the summit, visitors can take in panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula, and the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are also several restaurants and cafes at the top where visitors can relax and enjoy the view.

Monte Solaro is also home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the rare blue lizard, which is found only on the island of Capri. The mountain and the surrounding area are protected as part of the Parco Naturale Regionale di Monte Solaro, a regional nature park.