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Mount Uhud is a mountain located in the northern part of the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. It is around 7 km long and 1,077 meters high. It is one of the most significant historical sites in Islam as it was the site of the Battle of Uhud in 625 CE between the early Muslims and the Meccan army.

The battle was a significant event in Islamic history as it resulted in a loss for the Muslims and the death of some of their most notable companions, including Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad. It was also a turning point in the early Islamic period as it demonstrated the importance of discipline and obedience among the Muslim ranks.

Today, Mount Uhud is a popular destination for Muslim pilgrims and tourists. It features a mosque at its peak, known as the Prophet's Mosque, which is believed to be the spot where the Prophet Muhammad stood during the battle. There are also several walking trails and scenic viewpoints for visitors to enjoy.