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The Natural History Museum Berlin (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin) is a major museum of natural history located in Berlin, Germany. The museum was founded in 1810 and it is one of the oldest natural history museums in the world.

The museum houses a vast collection of natural history specimens including over 30 million objects, making it one of the largest natural history collections in the world. The collection includes fossils, minerals, rocks, plants, animals, and human artifacts. One of the most famous exhibits is the skeleton of the Berlin specimen of the Archaeopteryx, which is one of the oldest known fossils of a bird.

The museum also has a number of specialized research departments including paleontology, mineralogy, zoology, and entomology. The research departments are involved in a wide range of research projects, including the discovery and classification of new species, the study of evolutionary biology, and the development of new technologies for studying natural history.

In addition to the collection and research activities, the museum has a strong focus on public outreach and education. The museum offers a wide range of educational programs for students of all ages, including guided tours, workshops, and lectures. The museum also hosts a number of special events throughout the year, including exhibitions, talks, and festivals.