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Ollantaytambo is a small town in the Sacred Valley of Peru, located about 60 kilometers northwest of Cusco. It is famous for its Incan ruins, including the Ollantaytambo fortress, which was constructed during the late 15th century by the Inca emperor Pachacuti.

The ruins of Ollantaytambo are well-preserved and feature some impressive engineering feats, such as the terraced agricultural fields and the intricate water distribution system. The Ollantaytambo fortress served as both a military stronghold and a religious center, and its steep stone terraces, narrow staircases, and massive stone structures provide a glimpse into Incan architecture and construction.

Aside from the ruins, Ollantaytambo also serves as a gateway to the famous Inca Trail, a multi-day trek that leads to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. The town is a popular stop for travelers exploring the Sacred Valley and is known for its narrow cobblestone streets, adobe buildings, and picturesque views of the surrounding mountains.