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Palouse Falls is a waterfall located on the Palouse River, about 4 miles upstream from the confluence of the Palouse River and the Snake River, in southeastern Washington State, USA. The waterfall is situated in the middle of the Palouse Falls State Park, which covers an area of approximately 105 acres. The falls are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those interested in hiking, fishing, and bird watching.

Palouse Falls drops 198 feet (60 meters) into a bowl-shaped canyon, creating a spectacular display of water plunging over the basalt cliffs. The waterfall was formed during the last Ice Age, when repeated floods carved out the landscape and created the deep canyon that surrounds the falls today. The Palouse River, which feeds the falls, is also known for its picturesque rock formations and rapids.

The Palouse Falls State Park offers several hiking trails that provide stunning views of the waterfall and the surrounding landscape. The main trail is a 0.8-mile loop that leads to several overlooks and viewpoints of the falls. Visitors can also hike to the bottom of the falls via a steep and rugged trail that requires climbing down a series of switchbacks.

In addition to hiking, Palouse Falls is a popular spot for fishing, especially for rainbow trout and smallmouth bass. The park has a picnic area, a campground, and a visitor center that provides information about the geology, ecology, and history of the area. The park is open year-round and is a great destination for day trips or weekend getaways.