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Photo of Perito Moreno Glacier
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Perito Moreno Glacier is a large glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz province, Argentina. It is one of the most famous glaciers in the world and a popular tourist destination. The glacier is approximately 30 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide and is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. The height of the glacier ranges from 60 to 80 meters above the surface of the water.

One of the unique features of Perito Moreno Glacier is that it is one of the few glaciers in the world that is still advancing. This advancement causes the glacier to create an ice dam that blocks the flow of water from the nearby Lake Argentino. Over time, the pressure builds up and eventually creates a spectacular break, called a "ruptura". These ruptures occur every few years and can be observed from several viewing platforms.

Visitors can take boat tours to get close to the glacier and walk on specially built walkways to observe the glacier from different angles. There are also several trails in the area that offer panoramic views of the glacier and the surrounding landscape.