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Photo of Ramnefjellsfossen
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Ramnefjellsfossen is a spectacular waterfall located in the municipality of Stryn in western Norway. With a total drop of 818 meters, it is considered one of the tallest waterfalls in Europe and one of Norway's most impressive natural attractions.

Ramnefjellsfossen is fed by the Ramnefjellbreen glacier and cascades down a steep cliff face into the valley below. The waterfall is surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and stunning fjord landscapes, making it a popular destination for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers.

Due to its remote location, reaching Ramnefjellsfossen can be a bit challenging. The waterfall is situated in a narrow valley and can only be accessed via a steep and narrow footpath that winds its way up the mountainside. However, the hike is well worth the effort for those who are up for the challenge, as the views from the top are truly breathtaking.

Ramnefjellsfossen is particularly stunning in the summer months when the surrounding mountains are lush and green, and the waterfall is at its most powerful. However, it is also possible to visit the waterfall in the winter when it freezes over, creating a spectacular ice sculpture that is a sight to behold.