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Satonda Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Flores Sea, off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. The island is part of the West Nusa Tenggara province and is administratively part of the Bima Regency.

Satonda Island is unique in that it is a volcanic island with a saltwater lake in the middle. The lake was formed in the crater of the volcano, and is believed to have been created after a volcanic eruption in the 1800s. The lake is around 200 meters wide and is home to a wide variety of aquatic life, including fish, crabs, and small jellyfish.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs and is a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. Visitors can also trek to the top of the island for panoramic views of the surrounding area. There are also several small beaches on the island where visitors can relax and swim.

Satonda Island is considered a protected area and is part of the Satonda Island Nature Reserve. It is also considered a sacred place by the local people, who believe that the island is home to a powerful spirit. Visitors are asked to respect the local customs and beliefs when visiting the island.