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Photo of Shiprock
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Shiprock is a distinctive rock formation located on the Navajo Nation Reservation near the town of Shiprock, New Mexico in the United States. It rises nearly 1,583 feet (483 meters) above the high-desert plain and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Southwest.

Shiprock is actually the remnant of a volcanic intrusion that was created around 27 million years ago. Over time, wind and water erosion have worn away the surrounding rock, leaving behind the towering spire of Shiprock. The Navajo people hold Shiprock in reverence, and it is considered a sacred site. According to Navajo legend, the rock formation was created when a giant bird carried a handful of soil and dropped it, which then formed the mesa.

Shiprock has been a popular site for hikers and rock climbers, however, the Navajo Nation has prohibited climbing the rock formation out of respect for its cultural significance. Despite its religious and cultural importance, the area surrounding Shiprock has been impacted by uranium mining, oil and gas drilling, and other forms of development. Efforts have been made to protect the area and preserve its natural beauty and cultural heritage.