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Photo of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
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The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a magnificent mosque located in the capital city of Muscat, Oman. It was inaugurated by Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said in 2001, and it is considered one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world.

The mosque has a capacity of 20,000 worshippers and covers an area of 416,000 square meters. Its impressive structure includes a massive prayer hall, a ladies' prayer hall, a library, a lecture hall, and various other facilities. The mosque is made of high-quality materials such as marble, stone, and gold. Its minaret stands at a height of 91.5 meters, and its dome is 50 meters in diameter.

The main prayer hall of the mosque has a beautiful carpet that measures 70 by 60 meters and weighs around 21 tons. It is said to be the second-largest carpet in the world, and it took four years to weave. The mosque's chandelier is also impressive and is made of Swarovski crystals. It weighs 8.5 tons and has 1,122 light bulbs.

The mosque's architecture is a blend of traditional Islamic and modern styles, making it a stunning and unique structure. Visitors can visit the mosque during specific visiting hours and are required to follow the dress code. The mosque is a popular tourist attraction and is also used for religious and cultural events.