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The Norwegian Parliament, also known as Stortinget, is the supreme legislative body of Norway. It is located in the capital city of Oslo and is responsible for passing laws and overseeing the government's work.

The Parliament is made up of two chambers: the Storting and the Lagting. The Storting is the main chamber and is responsible for drafting and passing laws. The Lagting is a smaller chamber that is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on proposed legislation.

There are 169 members of the Storting, who are elected every four years through a system of proportional representation. The members are chosen from 19 counties in Norway and represent a wide range of political parties.

The building that houses the Parliament was built in 1866 and is located on Karl Johans gate, one of Oslo's main streets. It is open to the public for guided tours, and visitors can attend parliamentary debates and meetings when they are in session.

The Parliament also has a number of important functions, such as overseeing the work of the government and holding it accountable. Members of the Parliament also participate in the appointment of government officials, including judges and ambassadors. The Parliament also has the power to declare war and make peace, as well as to amend the Constitution.