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Photo of Torre Loizaga Rolls-Royce museum Bilbao
Pin Torre Loizaga Rolls-Royce museum BilbaoTorre Loizaga Rolls-Royce museum Bilbao
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The Torre Loizaga Rolls-Royce Museum is a private collection of over 70 vintage cars and 50 antique motorcycles located in the town of Galdames, near Bilbao in northern Spain. The museum was founded by Miguel de la Vía in 1968 and is housed in a 13th-century castle tower and its surrounding estate.

The collection includes some of the most iconic Rolls-Royce models such as the Silver Ghost, Phantom, and Corniche, as well as vintage cars from other prestigious brands such as Hispano-Suiza, Cadillac, and Auburn. The motorcycles on display include rare and antique models from brands such as Indian, Norton, and BSA.

The museum offers visitors an opportunity to see these beautifully restored vehicles up close and learn about the history and evolution of the automobile industry. Guided tours are available in several languages, and visitors can also take a ride in one of the vintage cars or motorcycles around the surrounding countryside.

In addition to the car collection, the museum features a display of antique weapons, vintage toys, and a small exhibition of antique telephones. The estate surrounding the castle tower is also home to a large herd of bison, which can be viewed from the castle's balconies. The museum attracts visitors from all over the world and is considered one of the best automobile collections in Europe.