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Photo of Trzy Korony (Three Crowns mountain)
Pin Trzy Korony (Three Crowns mountain)Trzy Korony (Three Crowns mountain)
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The Three Crowns is a mountain located in the Pieniny mountain range in southern Poland, near the border with Slovakia. The mountain is a natural symbol of the Pieniny National Park and is one of the most recognizable peaks in the region. Its name comes from its three distinct peaks, which resemble a crown.

The highest peak of the Three Crowns is called Okrąglica and stands at an elevation of 982 meters (3,222 feet) above sea level. It offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area, including the Dunajec River Gorge and the nearby Tatras Mountains.

The Three Crowns are a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers, with several marked trails leading to the summit. The most popular trail is the red trail, which starts in the nearby town of Szczawnica and leads to the summit via a steep and rocky path. Along the way, hikers can admire the beautiful flora and fauna of the Pieniny mountains, including rare species of plants and animals.

The Three Crowns are also known for their historical significance. In the past, the mountain served as a natural fortress and was a site of battles between Polish and Hungarian armies in the 17th century. Today, the ruins of several military fortifications can still be seen on the slopes of the mountain.