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Windsor Park Stadium is a football stadium located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is the national stadium of Northern Ireland and serves as the home ground of the Northern Ireland national football team. The stadium is owned and operated by the Irish Football Association (IFA).

Key facts about Windsor Park Stadium:

History: Windsor Park Stadium has a long and storied history in Northern Irish football. It was officially opened in 1905 and has undergone several renovations and expansions over the years to meet modern standards.

Architecture: The stadium's architecture is characterized by its classic design, with four stands surrounding the pitch. The South Stand, known as the Railway Stand, is one of the most iconic stands at Windsor Park.

Capacity: As of my last update, Windsor Park Stadium had a seating capacity of approximately 18,434 spectators for football matches. However, the stadium's capacity can be expanded for certain events and matches.

Hosted Events: Windsor Park Stadium has hosted numerous important football matches, including Northern Ireland's home international fixtures, World Cup qualifiers, UEFA European Championship qualifiers, and friendly matches. The stadium has also been used for domestic cup finals and other football events.

Accessibility: The stadium's location in Belfast makes it easily accessible by public transport, including trains and buses.

Renovations: In recent years, Windsor Park Stadium underwent significant renovations, including the construction of the new South Stand and the redevelopment of the other stands. These renovations aimed to modernize the stadium and enhance the matchday experience for fans.

Legacy: Windsor Park holds a special place in the hearts of Northern Ireland football fans. It has been the site of many memorable football moments, and the passionate support of the Northern Ireland national team makes it a cherished landmark in Northern Irish football.

Windsor Park Stadium is not only a football stadium; it is a symbol of Northern Ireland's footballing heritage and national pride. Its rich history, iconic stands, and the passionate support of fans make it a revered stadium in the world of football.