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The Wuyi Mountains, also known as the Wuyishan, are a mountain range in southeastern China, located in the border between the provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi. The area is known for its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, and unique rock formations. The mountain range is also home to a large number of rare plant and animal species, including the endangered Chinese giant salamander.

The Wuyi Mountains are a popular destination for tourists and nature lovers, with many hiking trails and scenic spots to explore. The most famous attraction in the area is the Nine-bend River, which winds through the mountains and is surrounded by steep cliffs and dense forests. Visitors can take a boat ride down the river and enjoy the stunning views along the way.

Another popular attraction is the Wuyi Palace, a historic site that was built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). The palace complex features beautiful gardens, pavilions, and temples, and is considered one of the best-preserved examples of Tang Dynasty architecture in China.

The Wuyi Mountains are also home to several tea plantations, where some of the world's finest oolong teas are produced. The area has a long history of tea cultivation, and the traditional methods of tea production are still used today.

In 1999, the Wuyi Mountains were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of their natural beauty and cultural significance. The area is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to southeastern China.